Warehouse Design Engineering

UNBIASED DESIGN – Designs based on Client’s specific needs

Our methodology is not focused on how to introduce automation to an operation, but rather designing sound strategies and processes objectively analyzing the adequate level of technology and identifying possible areas for its application. We focus on specific business challenges faced by our clients and provide design engineering services implementing appropriate practical solutions to overcome those challenges. 


Green Field and Brown Field designs require evaluation along many determinants to arrive at the optimal design for your business. Some of the parameters we analyse are SKU Profile, Order and Dispatch profiles, Inventories, Growth profile, Performance and scalability, Load Units & Storage system selection, Floor area, Height utilization, Replenishment Strategy, IT systems and Integration,  WMS, Barcode & RFID etc.

Our approach is based on practical application specific to industry and not academic theories. Green Field and Brown Field designs require evaluation along several determinants to arrive at optimal design for your business. The following honey comb illustrates some of those determinants that we consider while designing a warehouse.

Our methodology is not focused on how to introduce automation to an operation, but rather designing sound strategies and processes objectively analyzing the adequate level of technology and identifying possible areas for its application.  We focus on keeping the investments at optimal level and at the same time adapting to best processes and efficiencies.

We support clients with the specification development for Storage Systems, Material Handling Equipment, IT Hardware, Tendering & Contracting, Implementation support ,training and ramp up, and acting as the client’s technical advocate all the way through to the successful go-live. Our technical expertise and experience supports our design efforts, ensuring the business case, timelines, and risks identified upfront and addressed.

To summarize, we take care of the following activities as part of our service:

  • Storage Systems & Material Handling Equipment Requirement estimation, including automation needs
  • Tendering & Contracting for storage systems and IT hardware (RFQ Preparation)
  • Material Process flow design and IT Systems
  • Drafting of Functional Requirement Document and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Implementation Support and handover of the facility
  • Change Management & Training


Typical approach to warehouse design – in building a robust concept design:

RONSS’s expertise goes beyond design. We support clients with the specification development, tendering, implementation, training and ramp up, and acting as their technical advocate all the way through to the successful go-live. This technical expertise and experience supports our design efforts, ensuring the business case, timelines, and risks identified in advance and taken care of during the design phase itself.

For any queries please send us an email at contact@ronss.co.in 


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