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C-Storm is a work of art with cutting-edge technology for smart sanitation. The exquisitely crafted machine creates a barrier of activated oxygen around you, to disinfect any bacteria or viruses from your skin or clothes.

Ozone used at PPM levels under EPA norms is fully safe for human surfaces.
Studies have found that exposures to Ozone at levels of 0.1 PPM and above for a duration of 8 hours can cause irritation, respiratory issues. The machine uses 0.06 PPM for 3 to 4 seconds. Hence there is no side-effect.
It is recommended to have masks on while passing through the machine, as it is meant for external disinfection, not internal body use. The machine is not a cure for COVID or any other ailments, only a highly efficient sanitizing method for the whole body.
Close to 30 minutes, after which point O3 breaks down to O2.
There is no physical proof to display. But all machines are certified by regulating bodies to show efficacy rates, log reductions and Ozone levels released.
Yes, we have demo installations at several locations. Please write to us and we will revert with details. Alternatively you can also watch the video on our website under safety products.

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